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    2. Is That You, Bobby Axelrod? Pop Culture Proxy Fights

      Is That You, Bobby Axelrod? Pop Culture Proxy Fights
      In the 1987 film Wall Street, Michael Douglas character Gordon Gekko gave the famous Greed is Good speech during a hostile takeover of his target, Teldar Paper. This scene is arguably still the most well-known portrayal of an activist shareholder. Recently, however, shareholder activism has returned in dramatic fashion to Billions on ViacomCBS Inc.s Showtime and Succession on ATT Inc.s HBO...
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    1. I am energized by Moderna's culture, science and the impact I believe mRNA medicines will make for patients across a range of therapeutic areas.
      In François Nader, MD, Joins Moderna's Board of Directors
    2. When companies have to talk to their shareholders about ESG issues, risk management and culture are among the top topics.
      In Davos Elites Will Be Buzzing About Corporate Social Responsibility — and Its Limits
    3. Frances brings to our board of directors extensive experience researching and advising on corporate strategy, operations and culture, which our board of directors believes gives her particular insight into strategic planning and leadership.
      In The We Company to Add Academic Frances Frei to Board After IPO After All-Male Board Came Under Fire