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    2. Campbell Soup Rises on Reports Loeb Has Stake and Seeks Action

      Campbell Soup Rises on Reports Loeb Has Stake and Seeks Action
      (Bloomberg) -- Shares of Campbell Soup Co. rose in after-hours U.S. trading on reports that Daniel Loebs Third Point LLC has acquired a stake and is pressing for a turnaround at the 149-year-old company. Third Point has a stake of at least $300 million in the soup maker, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday, citing a person familiar with the matter. The holding amounts to more than 2.5 percent ...
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    1. Sotheby's sorely lacks innovation and creativity at its most senior levels and requires an infusion of leadership, accountability and transparency.
      In Sotheby's to Sell Artworks on Ebay After Activist's Criticism
    2. We are convinced that having an owner's perspective in the boardroom yields better results, that this board is in dire need of fresh insights, and that our candidates are more qualified than the company's emissaries we are seeking to replace.
      In Loeb to Sotheby's: My directors are better
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    1. Dan Loeb got away with it because he's a foreigner.
      In A Wave of Activist Hedge Funds are Shaking Up Japan
    2. Dan Loeb literally invented the poison pen.
      In Activist Investor Takes a Strong Liking to Nestle