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    2. Equifax Data Breach Victims Drained Its $31 Million Settlement Fund in a Week

      Equifax Data Breach Victims Drained Its $31 Million Settlement Fund in a Week
      So many people have made claims in the data-breach settlement against consumer credit rating agency Equifax that, according to the Federal Trade Commission, each claimant is now likely to get nowhere near the $125 payout that was initially promised to victims in lieu of free credit monitoring. The FTC outlined the problem in a blog post on July 31st, just days after the settlement was reached and the claims process ...
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    1. During its investigation, the Subcommittee learned that Equifax employees conducted substantive discussions of the discovery and mitigation of the data breach using Microsoft Lync, an instant messaging product.
      In Equifax CEO Says Company Took Security Seriously Before its Breach in Response to Senate Report
    2. Credit rating agencies have a responsibility to safeguard consumers' financial and personal information, and this egregious data breach and the agency's response was completely unacceptable.
      In Attorney General James Holds Equifax Accountable By Securing $600 Million Payment In Largest Data Breach Settlement In History