1. Diversity And Inclusion

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    2. Want Progress on Diversity? Link it to Your CEO’s Pay

      Want Progress on Diversity? Link it to Your CEO’s Pay
      Last June,as the nation convulsed with protests against racial inequality and the police killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and too many others,Nikewas inthe same predicament as much of corporate Americapledging to help rectify societys mistreatment and exclusion of Black people, while simultaneously being called out for its own failings on that front...
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    1. Diversity and inclusion are core values at Ulta Beauty—and always have been.
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    2. Diversity and inclusion is not just nice to have, but it is a business strategy that is imperative to any company or organization.
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    3. Diversity and inclusion activities by individual contributors and managers alike — including mentorship, outreach, and community building — have been met with a disorganized array of responses, including formal reprimand.
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