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    1. This transaction...offers substantial upside for shareholders of the combined companies, including current shareholders of Xerox and Fujifilm Holdings, who will own shares in a more competitive company that has enhanced opportunities for long-term growth and margin expansion.
      In Fujifilm Takes Over Xerox with a $6.1 Billion Deal, Forms a Joint Venture
    2. The combined company will create a strong business foundation under a globally unified management strategy and provide new value by leveraging Fujifilm's technological resources.
      In Carl Icahn and Darwin Deason are Trying to Stop the Xerox Fujifilm Deal
    3. This acquisition can be seen as Fujifilm being talked into buying [Xerox] by Carl Icahn [the activist investor who holds the largest stake in Xerox]. For now, it can be viewed as negative or positive.
      In Is buying Xerox right Move for Fujifilm?