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    2. In Historic Shift, Toshiba Board Gains Two Directors From Activist Hedge Funds

      In Historic Shift, Toshiba Board Gains Two Directors From Activist Hedge Funds
      (Reuters) -Toshiba Corp shareholders voted in two board directors from activist hedge fund investors at its annual general meeting on Tuesday - an inclusion that is expected to add momentum to its exploration of potential buyout deals. Nabeel Bhanji, a senior portfolio manager at Elliott Management, and Eijiro Imai, managing director at Farallon Capital Management were elected, as was...
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    1. Giving a big equity award upfront is much more common among hedge funds and private equity firms than public companies.
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    2. Activist hedge funds by nature need to be able to retain the ability to cut and run if need be.
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    3. They, in fact, are making oral representation to these hedge funds or other private equity firms and will likely find themselves as defendants in the litigation for specifically making the representation.
      In How SEC Scrutiny of Unicorns Could Affect Private Company D&O Insurance