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    1. Admiral Howard is a groundbreaking leader with a distinguished career in military service. Her leadership skills, international perspective and extensive experience with cybersecurity and information technology will make her a great addition to the IBM Board.
      In IBM Just Appointed the First African-American Woman to Command a US Navy Ship to its Board
    2. Martha Pollack is a renowned AI researcher and technologist and an expert in AI. We are excited about adding her skills and expertise to the IBM board. Her perspective on education and the use of technology to improve lives will be great assets to IBM and to our shareholders.
      In IBM Elects Martha E. Pollack to Its Board of Directors
    3. If you look at our data center business, we are the largest and we're bigger than Cisco, bigger than IBM, bigger than [Hewlett Packard Enterprise].
      In Michael Dell On Dell Going Public And Its 'Best Year Ever'