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    2. Astra Plots Post-Covid Future With $39 Billion Alexion Deal

      Astra Plots Post-Covid Future With $39 Billion Alexion Deal
      (Bloomberg) -- AstraZeneca Plc, one of the drugmakers leading the fight against Covid-19, highlighted where its growth will come from after the pandemic with a $39 billion deal for rare-disease specialist Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc. Load Error The proposed cash-and-stock acquisition will add treatments for uncommon blood and immunological disorders to the portfolio of Cambridge, U.K.-based AstraZeneca, which had spent years paring away older and less profitable ...
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    1. As per the investigation, it appears that the accounts have been falsified and the company's accounting principles and standards have been violated.
      In Accounting Fraud: Ricoh Sacks Two, Accepts CEO's Resignation
    2. ENRC is committed to a full and transparent investigation of its procedures and conduct.
      In SFO investigation into ENRC becomes formal
    3. What were their plans for an independent investigation?
      In Are Female-Led Companies the Answer to Sexual Misconduct?