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    1. Brandon has demonstrated a passionate commitment to CBRE over the past five years. His well-studied insights have been particularly helpful with our strategy development, investor relations practices and other aspects of running our business. I look forward to continuing to work very closely with him to drive further success for CBRE.
      In CBRE Board of Directors Appoints Brandon Boze as Board Chair to Succeed Ray Wirta in May 2018
    2. These activist shareholders are basically there to allow us to better align with best global practices and hopefully that will accelerate our convergence to higher standards of corporate governance, investor relations, issuer disclosures and hopefully broaden and make more sophisticated our research coverage of our listed companies.
      In Saudi Hopes for 'Activist Investors'
    3. We are pleased to strengthen our Board of Directors with the addition of a highly qualified financial executive with extensive experience in corporate finance, SEC reporting, SOX, budgeting, treasury and investor relations.
      In Conatus Pharmaceuticals Appoints William R. LaRue as Independent Board Member