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    1. Phathom is well positioned with vonoprazan, a late-stage GI therapeutic, that has achieved clinical and commercial success in Japan.
      In Phathom Pharmaceuticals Announces Leadership Succession Plan and Strengthens Board of Directors with New Appointments
    2. We grew up in Japan and have countless precious memories there as a family, so it is extremely disappointing that a long-trusted co-worker of my father's would slander him by claiming falsely that my father does not love and respect Japan. Anyone who knows my father knows that is not true.
      In 3rd Time Lucky? Nissan Ex-Chair Ghosn Hoping for his Release
    3. We aim to create a governing structure ranked among Japan's top three for transparency, in order to dispel the image of misconduct.
      In Nissan Committee for Improving Governance Aims for More Outside Directors