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    1. The creation of the steel joint venture and the deconsolidation of the steel business from Thyssenkrupp is a step towards reducing the overly complex conglomerate structure.
      In Thyssenkrupp Shareholder Cevian Calls for Further Restructuring After Steel JV
    2. I look to this new opportunity to offer my financial insight, strategic guidance, and experience in an effort to further reduce costs, improve efficiencies and assist in the success of the new Capstone Energy Finance joint venture.
      In Capstone Announces the Election of Yon Yoon Jorden to its Board of Directors
    3. While our consumer healthcare joint venture with GSK is progressing well, the time is right for Novartis to divest a non-core asset at an attractive price.
      In GlaxoSmithKline Buys Novartis out of Their Joint Venture for $13 Billion