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    2. If Black Lives Matter, Transform Your Leadership Team

      If Black Lives Matter, Transform Your Leadership Team
      The ongoing collective grief and outrage expressed over the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery and most recently, the police shooting of Jacob Blake signals a cultural shift of acknowledgement against mistreatment of African Americans. However, such tragedy has replayed time after time, and the status quo wont change without meaningful steps especially in corporate America ...
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    3. The US Should Tax Excessive CEO Compensation | Opinion

      The US Should Tax Excessive CEO Compensation | Opinion
      Corporate greed is an infectious disease. In the district I represent we feel the symptoms every day, where developers get billions in tax breaks while poor families have thewater in their houses turned offand have toturn to food pantriesto feed their kids. Now is the time for an aggressive treatment plan and that includes a tax on excessive CEO pay...
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    1. Based upon the potential for a conflict of interest resulting from the Company's ownership of limited partnership interests in the Purchaser, the Independent Directors unanimously voted to recommend that the Board express no opinion and remain neutral with respect to the Offer.
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    2. The goal is to give investors the opportunity to express an opinion about whether an independent board chair is a good idea or not and to give the board that information.
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    3. The Company's share price performance has, in our opinion, been disastrous for shareholders.
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