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    2. The US Should Tax Excessive CEO Compensation | Opinion

      The US Should Tax Excessive CEO Compensation | Opinion
      Corporate greed is an infectious disease. In the district I represent we feel the symptoms every day, where developers get billions in tax breaks while poor families have thewater in their houses turned offand have toturn to food pantriesto feed their kids. Now is the time for an aggressive treatment plan and that includes a tax on excessive CEO pay...
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    3. Opinion: Why America’s CEOs have turned against shareholders

      Opinion: Why America’s CEOs have turned against shareholders
      By capturing the process to which they owe their own positions, American CEOs have made a mockery of shareholder control Katharina Pistor is Professor of Comparative Law at Columbia Law School and the author of The Code of Capital: How the Law Creates Wealth and Inequality . The Business Roundtable, an association of the most powerful chief executive officers in the United States, announced this month that the era of shareholder ...
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    1. The Supervisory Board extensively discussed this expert opinion and based on this also comes to the conclusion that the Board of Management acted in compliance with its duties.
      In Bayer: Board Says Pursuit of Monsanto was Done Diligently
    2. In our firm's professional opinion, the stubbornly low valuation that the market accords to the shares of Barclays will continue until the board finally adopts a strategy that is more realistic and shareholder orientated.
      In Barclays Activist Investor Edward Bramson Repeats Call to Join Board
    3. In the opinion of the AMF, the rapidly evolving situation at Bombardier Inc. shortly after the ASDP was implemented combined with the brief period between its implementation and the start of transactions and the significant volatility in the company's forecasts and earnings led to a negative perception of the plan.
      In Bombardier Looks to Scrap Exec Compensation Plan on Regulator’s Recommendation