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    2. Its Not the Time to Fight Over Poison Pills

      Its Not the Time to Fight Over Poison Pills
      (Bloomberg Opinion) -- In an ordinary April, Corporate America would now be gearing up for proxy season, preparing for annual meetings and arguing with activist investors over strategy. Instead, companies find themselves on the front lines of the coronavirus crisis, facing difficult choices about how best to protect workers, investors, and their businesses from the virus and its fallout...
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    1. True corporate democracy does not exist in America and as a result many unfit chief executives are not held accountable. Poison pills and other board tricks disenfranchise stockholders. As a result entrenched chief executives and boards of directors may be protected even if they are ineffective.
      Carl Icahn in Carl Icahn Attacks Companies That Protect 'Unfit' Chief Executives
    2. Given the diminished pervasiveness of poison pills and other traditional defenses for corporate control, unequal voting rights have been transformed from a seldom-seen defense to one of the most effective ways to cement control.
      In Controlled Companies Generally Underperform and Boards Less Diverse, New Study Finds
    3. Poison pills generally are not terribly good for shareholders.
      In The Poison Pill, Long Hated by Investors, Gets New Love in Japan