1. Proxy Access

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  2. Quotes about Proxy Access

    1. In a matter of months, the landscape has shifted dramatically in favor of greater accountability…Because of this unprecedented coalition, proxy access is becoming the new normal.
      In Vanguard & Fidelity Not Keen on Proxy Access - Mutual Fund Commentary
    2. The strong support for proxy access, along with the third straight year of failure for the company's compensation plan, should be a wake-up call to the board that greater responsiveness is required to address the concerns of long-term shareholders, such as those allied with CalSTRS in our letter to shareholders.
      In CalSTRS Statement on the Shareholder Vote at Oracle
    3. Proxy access ... is not necessary to ensure your board is focused on the interests of all of our shareholders and other stakeholders; rather, proxy access may well result in narrow special interests, such as those of the proponent, gaining an oversized and potentially hostile voice in our activities.
      In Efforts to Give Shareholders More Say on Corporate Boards May Be Gaining Traction