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    2. Boeing Hosts Annual Shareholders Meeting Monday. What to Expect.

      Boeing Hosts Annual Shareholders Meeting Monday. What to Expect.
      Boeing hosts its annual shareholder meeting on Monday. The timing is a little oddthe meeting comes before first-quarter numbers get reported on Wednesday . (Usually earnings come before annual meetings.) The meeting likely will generate some news and potentially some controversy. But the news wont be about Covid-19 , the aerospace downturn , or the troubled 737 MAX . Those topics will have to wait until Wednesday...
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    1. The company will respond to specific shareholder proposals once they are formally presented at our June 5 shareholders meeting.
      In Bernie Sanders is Planning to Crash Walmart's Next Shareholders Meeting and Argue Hourly Workers Deserve a Spot on the Company's Board
    2. Following the refusal by the Supervisory Board and the Managing Partners of Lagardère concerning the respective proposals from Amber Capital and Vivendi, these two companies will refer the matter to the Paris Commercial Tribunal to seek a shareholders meeting, in accordance with the law and with their August 10 agreements.
      In Vivendi and Amber to go to Court Over Lagardere's EGM Refusal
    3. I hope and expect that the other shareholders will take due notice at the upcoming shareholders meeting.
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