1. Succession Planning

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    2. The Goldman Sachs Power Players Behind Lloyd Blankfein

      The Goldman Sachs Power Players Behind Lloyd Blankfein
      Michael Sherwood, a vice chairman and co-CEO of Goldman Sachs International, decided toretire after 30 years at the firm, according to an internal memo. In case his departure raises any questions about who might eventually take the reins after Blankfein, who is 62 and says he has no plans to retire, we have put together a list of the key executives at the firm ...
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  2. Quotes about Succession Planning

    1. Today's appointment reflects our comprehensive approach to Board succession planning which is rooted in Sensata's commitment to value creation.
      In Sensata Technologies (ST) Appoints Connie Skidmore to Board of Directors
    2. Susan's election is part of the ALLETE board's long-term succession planning.
      In Susan K. Nestegard Named to ALLETE Board of Directors
    3. Naming Adena CEO represents the successful conclusion of a rigorous, multi-year succession planning process.
      In Nasdaq has a New CEO