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    2. You Don’t Need to Go It Alone. How to Build an Advisory Board

      You Don’t Need to Go It Alone. How to Build an Advisory Board
      BoardProspects is pleased to bring you this informative article on advisory boards written by BoardProspects Member, and well-known executive recruiter,PatriciaLenkov. The information contained in Patricia's article is important for any of our Members seeking to create (or join) an advisory board: You may have the greatest idea in the world. Maybe it is aproductor service or even a new technology. You decide to become anentrepreneurand begin to build ...
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    1. He held himself personally accountable and pledged that Target would emerge a better company.
      In Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel Resigns In Data Breach Fallout
    2. Seeing the enormous progress made by these 10 top FTSE 100 companies demonstrates that the UK's voluntary, business-led approach is working. Our target of 25% women on boards by 2015 is in sight.
      In Cable: Still Not Enough Women On UK Boards
    3. Being taken over is a very personal matter for a board member and often their identity is tied to their position. If they are the target, they don't want to also be the victim and will push back where they can
      In Clash of the Egos: When Boardroom Bust-ups Derail Deals