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    1. Publisher: reuters.com
      Requiring physical attendance at many shareholder meetings in order to exercise such votes is impractical and antiquated.
      - In U.S. Regulator Shelves Reform on Voting in Board Fights
    2. Publisher: CTV News
      I said over and over and over again on the campaign trail the CEO of Hydro One and the board will be gone.
      - In Hydro One Board Resigns, CEO Retires as Ont. Premier Makes Good on Campaign Promise
    3. Publisher: Digital Journal
      Rohit is an internationally recognized clinician, scientist, and translational researcher. We are very pleased to welcome him to the board and look forward to his contributions. His decades of leadership in medical research, clinical trials, and grant funding make him a wonderful addition to our team.
      - In Illusio Appoints Rohit Varma to Board of Directors
    4. Publisher: wwd.com
      It's very hard for management to recommend to shareholders a lower value than what's available in the public market, in this case another bidder. From the shareholders' interests, that higher offer represents the potential value of their stock.
      - In Battle for Perry Ellis Hinges on Fiduciary Duty to Shareholders
    5. Publisher: businesswire.com
      We are extremely pleased that Darrell Cavens has agreed to join our Board. As we continue to further develop our digital strategy across our portfolio of brands, Darrell's deep experience in online retailing, technology and data analytics will be invaluable assets.
      - In Darrell Cavens Joins Tapestry Board of Directors
    6. Publisher: businesswire.com
      The Tapestry Board seeks to bring a diversity of experiences and perspectives to our deliberations. We are delighted to have found a true digital innovator and entrepreneur in Darrell, I am certain he will bring important and unique insights to our conversation as Tapestry navigates an increasingly dynamic retail environment.
      - In Darrell Cavens Joins Tapestry Board of Directors
    7. Publisher: businesswire.com
      I am excited to be joining the Board of Directors of Tapestry, a truly innovative, brand led company. I look forward to supporting the company and helping to inform its digital strategies as it continues to drive long-term sustainable growth.
      - In Darrell Cavens Joins Tapestry Board of Directors
    8. Publisher: businesswire.com
      We are thrilled to welcome Steve to our board of directors.
      - In Relay Therapeutics Names Steven Kafka to Its Board of Directors
    9. Publisher: businesswire.com
      Relay Therapeutics has built a compelling platform around protein motion and has generated meaningful data over the last two years on challenging targets in oncology.
      - In Relay Therapeutics Names Steven Kafka to Its Board of Directors
    10. Publisher: businesswire.com
      Rosana's experience launching a successful biotech startup, building a robust drug discovery pipeline and ensuring sound corporate governance will be invaluable to us as we advance our mission to broaden the reach of small molecule therapeutics by harnessing protein stability mechanisms.
      - In Cedilla Therapeutics Appoints Rosana Kapeller to Board of Directors
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